Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Cambridgeshire

  • We have a range of detailed maps for Cambridgeshire towns and we also cover the whole county at the Inch to the Mile scale. Here are the details.
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  • Between 1889-1965 Cambridgeshire was governed by two county councils, Cambridgeshire proper and the Isle of Ely. From 1974 the county was also amalgamated with Huntingdonshire and the Soke of Peterborough.
  • See This page for a summary of its local government history.

  • The following maps are all taken from the OS 25" maps and reduced to a scale of approximately 15 inches to the mile. They are extremely detailed, showing individual houses, details such as railway tracks, pathways, pubs, factories and even minutiae such as fountains and signal posts. Each map includes an introduction.

    These are the maps we publish for towns in Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely:

  • 07.03 Wisbech 1900 - published 2002; intro by Trevor Bevis
  • 12.13 March Station 1900 - published 2004; intro by John Gough
  • 16.01 March 1900 - published 2003; intro by Trevor Bevis
  • 20.16 Chatteris 1900 - published 2017; intro by Tony Kirby
  • 26.14 Ely 1901 - published 2000; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • 30.16 Soham 1901 - published 2014; intro by Tony Kirby
  • 40.14 Cambridge (North) 1901 - published 2013; intro by Andrew Bethune
  • 47.02a Cambridge 1901 - published 2013; intro by Andrew Bethune
  • 47.02b Cambridge 1925 - published 1990; intro by Pamela Taylor

    Newmarket is included in our Suffolk series.

    For Huntingdonshire see the Huntingdonshire page, and for Peterborough see the Soke of Peterborough page.

    We also publish a series of smaller scale Inch to the Mile maps. These are the principal sheets for Cambridgeshire:

  • 158 Peterborough & District 1906- published 2006; intro by Barrie Trinder. Includes a map of Deeping st James
  • 159 Wisbech & District 1907- published 2007; intro by Robert Malster. Includes a map of Crimplesham
  • 173 Isle of Ely 1907- published 2001; intro by Trevor Bevis. Includes a map of Mepal
  • 187 South Huntingdonshire 1897 - published 2001; intro by David Cozens. Includes a map of Hemingford Abbots
  • 188 Cambridge, Newmarket & District 1905- published 2000; intro by Oliver Rackham. Includes a map of Waterbeach
  • 204 Biggleswade, Sandy & Royston 1893- published 2008; intro by Barrie Trinder. Includes a map of part of Sandy
  • 205 Saffron Walden & SE Cambridgeshire 1893- published 2009; intro by Barrie Trinder. Includes a map of Fulbourn

    Visit the One Inch page for full details of this series.

  • Most maps in the Godfrey Edition are taken from the 25 inch to the mile map and reduced to about 15 inches to the mile. For a full list of English maps, return to the England page
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  • This list shows all our maps for the county. We try to keep a full range in print but inevitably some titles fall out of print from time to time. These are noted in our On-line Mapshop.
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