Old Ordnance Survey Maps of South Norwood

We have published more than 2,500 maps in our series of Old Ordnance Survey Map reprints, some 500 of them in the London area. The maps are highly detailed. They are taken from the OS 1:2,500 (or 25 inch) maps and reduced to about 15 inches to the mile. Each covers an area of a mile and a half by a mile. They show streets with individual houses, tram tracks, railway tracks and even signals, factories, wharves and such details as fountains and water troughs. They will provide hours of fascination for historians and genealogists. The maps are neatly folded and each includes a specially written introduction to the area. Maps can be purchased on our On-line Mapshop where further information about titles is given. Or visit The Index Page for a full list to the series and details of Prices.

Here are the details of maps for South Norwood:

  • Kent Sheet 15.02 South Norwood 1868 - published 1993; intro by Ruth Trevan. ISBN.978-0-85054-572-2

    This attractive and highly detailed map covers the area around Norwood Junction station. Development is shown either side of the station, with part of Selhurst Park to the west, including Pawsons Place, High Street, Turnleys Road; and Albert Road, Lincoln Road, Queens Road, Portland Road to the east. Beyond this is open countryside, with Elmersend station at the eastern edge of the map. Further south Enmore Park is shown in an earlier stage of development. Early directories for Selhurst Road, High Street, Portland Road, Albert Road, Woodside Green are included.

    An index map showing the areas covered by this and adjacent Kent maps is available here. The map links up with Kent Sheets 7.14 Anerley & Penge to the north.

    A map in our London series, 150 South Norwood 1895 is also available on slightly different sheetlines.

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