Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Warrington

  • This is our coverage of the Borough of Warrington.. Warrington became a County Borough in 1900. In 1974 a new Borough of Warrington was formed, amalgamating the County Borough of Warrington with Lymm Urban District, Warrington Rural District, and parts of Golborne Urban District, Runcorn Rual District and Whiston Rural District. At the same time, though historically part of Lancashire, Warrington was transferred to Cheshire.
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  • The following titles are all taken from the OS 25" maps and reduced to a scale of approximately 14 inches to the mile.

  • These are the principal maps for the Warrington area:

  • Lancs 115.04a Warrington West 1891 - published 2019; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • Lancs 115.04b Warrington West 1905 - published 1995, 2nd Ed 2000; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • Lancs 116.01a Warrington 1893 - published 2019; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • Lancs 116.01b Warrington 1905 - published 2000; intro by Alan Godfrey
  • Cheshire 17.05 Thelwall 1908 - published 2003; intro by Chris Makepeace

    The area is also covered in our series of One Inch Maps. The principal sheet for the area is:

  • 97 The Lower Mersey, Runcorn & Warrington 1913 - published 2005; intro by Alan Crosby. Includes a large scale map of Preston Brook

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  • >Most maps in the Godfrey Edition are taken from the 25 inch to the mile map and reduced to about 15 inches to the mile. For a full list of Lancashire and Cheshire maps, go to the North West page

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