London Subscription

Plus an alternative Subscription for 'London in Essex'.

  • We have offered a London Subscription since the 1980s and this has helped us develop the series into the huge selection of London and Middlesex maps we have today, plus several Surrey, Kent and Essex maps that cover areas now in Greater London. Some of those who have subscribed from the 1980s and 90s have built up large collections of our maps in this way.
  • We continue to offer a London Subscription for new titles, with a steady stream of maps being published for the Greater London area. These are sent to subscribers as they are published, generally a week or so before publication day. This London Subscription costs just £ 25 for the next 10 maps in Greater London. The subscription includes maps anywhere in Greater London, including some Middlesex, Essex, Kent and Surrey sheets where appropriate for London boroughs. Subscriptions commence with the next map to be published in the area. We intend to publish at least ten maps a year in the area.
  • We often concentrate on particular areas of London at a time. For instance, during 2021 we have published several maps for the London Borough of Enfield. From late 2021 our work in London will include several titles for 'London in Essex', and so we are also able to offer an alternative subscription, just for these maps. This London in Essex Subscription will include ten maps for the London Boroughs of Barking & Dagenham and Havering, and the Essex Borough of Thurrock. The first titles are due for publication in November and we expect to publish all ten within a year. The maps will generally be for the 1920s or 30s, as London was expanding into Essex. This special subscription scheme will be available until 30th October. If this is a success we will consider similar subscription schemes for other areas of and around London in future.
  • Please note that this is an alternative to the London subscription. Please do not subscribe to both! London subscribers will of course also receive the Barking and Havering maps, but not the Thurrock ones.
  • Both subscriptions can be ordered through our On-line Mapshop or contact our office for details..
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    The Godfrey Edition / / 27 Sept 2020