Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Hertfordshire

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  • Here are the details of maps for Ware:

  • Hertfordshire Sheet 29.12 Ware 1896 - published 1990; intro by Alan Godfrey. ISBN.978-0-85054-421-3

    The main map of Ware clearly shows the injustice that the old Ordanance Survey maps bequethed upon the town. Only the River Lea and the those housing estates which were spread across the river bank are noticable at the top of the map. Below the Lea the map consists of rural areas but, despite this, the map's features are far from sparce; the estates of Chadwell House, Limekiln Farm, Highfields, Presdales and Amwellbury Farm are prominant in the bottom half of the map. Post Wood streches from Presdales close to the centre of the map down to Amwellbury map in the bottom right corner, and in the field in the right of the map are the Chalk Pits, a reminder that Ware was an industrial town. On the reverse is the missing of part of the Ware map. From the centre of the map stretching to the far right of the map, the sheer volume of Malthouses and Maltkilns give evidence to the towns primary industry, as the alcohol business flourished with the town being built on the Lea trade route. The left side of the map is dominated by the presence of the gravel pit, the clay pits and the fields which surround the town. Within the town itself, St. Mary's takes a central position close to the High Street, with other buildings of note being Collett Hall, Christ Church School and the Infirmary, complete with an infectious diseases wing. This map comes complete with an introduction of Ware's history by Alan Godfrey.

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