Old Ordnance Survey Maps of Cheshire

  • These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. Each map includes an introduction.
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  • Here are the details of maps for Macclesfield:

  • Cheshire 36.08a Macclesfield (North) 1897 - published 2023; intro by Chris Makepeace. ISBN.978-1-78721-689-1
  • Cheshire 36.08b Macclesfield (North) 1907 - published 1998; intro by Chris Makepeace. ISBN.978-1-84151-000-2
  • Cheshire 36.12a Macclesfield (South) 1897 - published 2001, minor revision 2014; intro by Chris Makepeace. ISBN.978-1-84784-832-1
  • Cheshire 36.12b Macclesfield (South) 1907 - published 2023; intro by Chris Makepeace. ISBN.978-1-78721-700-3

    We have published two maps for Macclesfield which link up to provide excellent coverage of the town. Each is available for 2 dates, showing how the area changed over those years.

    Sheet 36.08 covers the northern part of Macclesfield, with coverage stretching from Great King Street northward to Beech Hall, and from Mount Pleasant eastward to Holy Trinity church. Features include Central station, Hibel Road station, engine shed and goods shed, Lower Heys Mill, Albert Mills, Hurdsfield House, Red House Farm, St Michael's church, Infirmary, Free Grammar School, Market Place, Town Hall, Victoria Park, Macclesfield Union Workhouse, cemetery, West Park, shirt factory, etc.

    Sheet 36.12 covers the southern part of Macclesfield, with coverage stretching from Derby Street southward to Byron's Lane, and from Oxford Road eastward to Blakelow Road. Features include railway but no stations, Park House, Sutton Pottery, Sunnyside Mill, Sutton Mills, Soho Mill, Macclesfield Canal, Hovis Flour Mill, St Paul's church, St John's church, Library, St George's church, Christ Church, Militia Barracks, Oxford Road Mill, silk mills, etc.

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