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We have available street indexes for some of our London and Manchester maps. If you are a serious researcher or collector you may find these useful. They are available from us or the relevant history societies.

London. The West Surrey Family History Society have published a set of 5 booklets, meticulously prepared by George C Dickinson. Three booklets list the countless streets in London, saying which map they are on and precisely where (in millimetres). One booklet lists many of the Surrey maps (especially Croydon) and another is an introduction. They are nicely produced booklets and although we find the method of indexing somewhat over-complicated, the work undertaken by Mr Dickinson is most impressive. They were published in 2000 and so cover the maps published by that time - fairly full coverage in London.

  • Research Aid 43: Key to the General Index. Includes a key to many abbreviations, and general introduction. 23pp. £ 1.00 (You are advised to buy this to help with use of the others)
  • Research Aid 44: General Index to...North-East London (ie Sheets 63 and eastward). 86pp. £ 3.45
  • Research Aid 45: General Index to...North-West London (ie sheets 62 and westward). 118pp. £ 4.95
  • Research Aid 46: General Index to...South-East and South-West London (ie south of the Thames). 93pp. £ 4.25
  • Research Aid 47: Surrey Extension (ie Croydon area plus Sutton, Brookwood and Guildford). 14pp. £ 1.50

    On occasion we are able to offer these slightly cheaper to online purchasers.

    Manchester. The Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society have produced three booklets indexing the streets for several Manchester maps. These are simpler than the London booklets, and divide the map up according to the folds. They cost £ 1.50 each and are listed on our mapshop.

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